As a coach, I put the power back in your hands.

Welcome to the latest iteration of my website!

As I continue to evolve through life changes, interactions with varied clients, and continuing education, it’s time to upgrade my site and show you how I can continue to enhance your life in ways you may not have dreamed possible.

If you’re new here, WELCOME! Officially, I’m what’s known as a Certified Dream Manager®, and a Transformational Health Coach. Put simply: I work with people to start dreaming about their lives again – all areas of their lives — from the way they want to look and feel physically to what they want to learn to how they want to express their creativity to the way they want to “show up” in the world to where they want to travel to the legacy they will bequeath the world.  Please check out the Success Stories tab to get a sense of how I help the people with whom I work.

As I remain curious about how to better live my life and, in turn, guide my clients toward living their best lives, I have earned a new credential: Certified Dream Manager®.

Spiritual, financial, emotional, physical, and intellectual health are still the outcomes for which I strive every day and will continue to (or begin to, as the case may be) help you with, too. I’m taking it one step further now. Take my hand…

A Dream Manager® helps you identify your dreams and make them realities. I’m not talking the REM-stage-of-sleep dreams, I’m talking dreams you once had that you felt you had to give up or put aside for any number of reasons. It’s not too late to nurture those dreams and bring them to fruition. Maybe you can’t remember what those dreams were because you’ve been raising children or raising yourself up the corporate ladder or you just feel “stuck” in an odd sort of stasis that you can’t define. Perhaps, as you’ve experienced more of life, new dreams have hatched and you’d like to follow them to see where they can go. Whatever the case may be, I’ve got the training and experience to help you.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I will help you. I will help you name your dreams, turn them into goals, and create the blueprint for you to follow toward far more than mere wish fulfillment. As a spiritual being, I live my life mindfully and with love, gratitude, and compassion. Your coaching sessions will focus on living authentically, dreaming bigger, practicing gratitude, and creating space to hear that brilliant voice within. Together, we will discover your inner wisdom and courage. You can have anything you want. You can live your life free from fear, confusion, doubt, addiction, distractions, and the everyday clutter of daily living. It is truly a sustainable way of living life.

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