Dream Manager®

A company can only become the best version of itself to the extent the people driving the company are the best versions of themselves

The simple truth is this: The destiny of your organization and the destiny of the people who drive your organization are inseparably linked.

The great majority of the people in the workplace today are actively disengaged at some level. To varying extents they don’t feel connected to the work they do, the organizations in which they work, or the people with whom they work. No single factor is affecting morale, efficiency, productivity, sustainable growth, and profitability more than this disengagement.

The Dream Manager® Program provides a revolutionary way of reversing this crippling trend and demonstrates how organizations large and small can actively engage their people once again, thus creating a competitive advantage of monumental proportions.


A Dream Manager® is a personal coach to each employee to help them envision their dreams, plan for their dreams, and hold them accountable so they effectively progress toward realizing their dreams.

Employees want to be led and they want to be coached.
They don’t want a manager, they want a leader.

As your Dream Manager®, I help you achieve more, contribute more, live more and delight more. I help you put a plan together to enrich your life, deepen your relationships, strengthen your connection to yourself and others, and increase your joy factor. Your soul is calling you to make more of an impact. Together, we will make it happen.

The Dream Manager® Program is a year-long program designed to build a personal strategic plan to help your employees become better versions of themselves and to achieve their most important life dreams. This exclusive experience will deliver content to help them grow personally and professionally, provide them support in reaching their dreams, and help them stay on track with their plans throughout the year.

Why is coaching necessary? Everyone needs someone in their life without an agenda.

The Benefits of the Dream Manager Program

  • Helps employees become the-best-version-of-themselves
  • Increases engagement in life, work, and relationships
  • Creates clarity around goals, ambitions, and dreams
  • Develops life balance and personal management skills
  • Provides extraordinary career development and leadership skills
  • Teaches employees to think strategically about challenges
  • Helps employees develop a Personal Strategic Plan
  • Improves physical health and wellness
  • Provides a vision for a bigger future
  • Enhances connection between managers and employees
  • Reduces turnover


Dream Storming Workshop

Who Am I Now? and What’s Next?
Two simple questions. And yet your answer may feel a bit vulnerable or maybe even unsettling.

These are two questions that we women have to answer many times throughout our lives.

Whether acknowledged or even realized, we are constantly “reinventing” ourselves and adjusting to life’s constant changes.
Many of us are in transition. And as exciting as transition can feel, it can also feel overwhelming and intimidating.

Perhaps you can relate to this discomfort?

These two questions warrant contemplation. If left unanswered, they can leave us standing on wobbly ground and feeling unsettled. If contemplated and explored, they can feel very exciting and lead us to our next greatest thing!

Who Are You Now? And What’s Next?
 Come explore these questions in a Dream Storming Workshop!

In this highly engaging, interactive workshop, Amy will guide the participants through a Dream Storming Session of their own.
Participants will explore how to become the-best-version-of-themselves as they unlock dreams in each of the following areas of their life:

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